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Here and gone again!

Just over a year after launching my new blog, Terminal Verbosity, I’m back here blogging at ChezArtz. Why? Because we’re off on another one of the adventures that led us to launch ChezArtz in the first place. This time our destination is Helsinki! I plan to continue my formal blog posts on Terminal Verbosity, but will be chronically our crazy adventures here too. You will also be able to view photos and videos of what we’re up to here.

Why Helsinki?

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything of a personal nature that I feel I should start back in February of 2009 when rumors started flying that IBM was going to buy Sun Microsystems, the company where both Matt & I worked at the time. By April, the rumors had solidified and it was Oracle, not IBM, who was buying Sun. We both started making plans for being laid off because as a contractor, I knew I wouldn’t make it through the buy-out, and as HR, Matt had his doubts as well.

I was laid off in September of 2009 and luckily landed another contract in early November with Qwest. Matt was laid off in February of 2010 and I was able to up my part-time hours to full time. The job market is rough here in Colorado, so the pressure was really on to find a job before the severance, or my contract with Qwest, ran out. Matt started a new job with Rally Software in June, just as I got laid off from Qwest.

Matt had been talking for months with an old colleague from Sun about a position with Nokia, but I was adamant that I didn’t want to leave our home in Lyons. The new job opportunity with Rally almost had us convinced that we should stay put, but a variety of factors led Matt to fly to Finland in August for an interview. By the time he went, I knew that it was more than concerns about job security (real though they were) that was driving him to interview with Nokia.

We’ve missed living in Europe. We almost didn’t come back from England in 2003 and often questioned whether we did the right thing. We love our life here and have found a community in Lyons that is second to none, but something was still missing both professionally and personally for us both. Both the current   political climate and our rather shocking introduction to the public school system and its lack of funding helped us make the decision. A Newsweek report ranking Finland as the best place in the world to live didn’t hurt either!

What’s the Timeline?

I think Matt’s new boss was a little surprised at how anxious I was to get us to Helsinki ASAP, especially considering that my first response to the idea this spring was “Hell no!” And yet, I’ve been using every bit of project-management expertise in my repertoire to keep things humming along at a fast pace. It hasn’t been easy, especially since we have no control over how long it takes consulates or major multi-national corporations to process paperwork, but I’m nothing if not persistent 🙂

So that brings us to present. Our residency permit paperwork is at the Consulate. The kids have passports. And Matt leaves Monday (yes, October 4) for his first business trip to Finland. The kids & I will join him on October 15, and we’ll all fly back here October 20, just in time to greet the movers who will pack everything we’re taking to Finland on the 21st & 22nd. Going away party on the 23rd. Flight to Washington to visit Matt’s family on the 24th. Wow.

After a week in Washington, we’re Indianapolis-bound and will hang out there until our residency permits come through in the first few weeks of November. Then we’re off! We plan to stay in Finland 2-3 years and what the future holds after that is reliant on so many variables (how we like Europe, how the kids are doing, how much Matt likes Nokia, how we deal with the weather, how much we miss our family & friends here) that we won’t even conjecture at this point.

So there you have it. What an adventure!

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  1. Hatchet

    Wow! That’s a big change coming up! I wish you all the very best of luck and an easy transition. I’d love to hear about gardening in Finland!