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Wordless Wednesday – Butterflies!

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14 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Butterflies!

  1. smarmoofus

    Ooh… I wonder what they’re all doing there. Nice catch.

    Umm, on a complete sidetrack, *glancing at your blurb about you*… what is the significance of being married to an INTP? Becuase I am INTP, and I never thought there was anything “difficult” or unusual about us. What do I need to know?

    Happy WW!

  2. Julie

    Have you asked your spouse how they feel about being with an INTP? Of course not, because you’re a T!!!!! Just kidding.

    I sent you a longer email on this (check your junk mail for and am now considering a blog post on this very topic, so thanks for visiting and for your question. The INTP reference is mainly a joke between my husband and I, but INTP is a very uncommon personality type, so be glad: you’re unique!

    Oh, and the butteflies were drinking. I know it’s hard to tell, but they’re on a bit of muddy dirt, which is about as close as you can get to a puddle in this interminably hot weather we’ve been having here in Colorado!

  3. Red Lotus Mama

    Wow .. what a shot! How curious they were all gathered in one spot like that. Happy WW:

  4. milet

    you might be on your tiptoe when you’ve taken that shot. or else the butterfly would fly.

    here’s my WW!
    hope you can take a peek! thanks.


  5. Newlyweds Guide Francesca

    Stunning image! They say butterflies bring good luck. Three must be triple the good luck.

  6. Stephanie

    What a great shot!

  7. mojo

    Three? I counted six. Then I saw the small ones and counted maybe as many as five more. The large swallowtails look like they’re doing some kind of synchronized wing flapping thing. If you look closely, they seem to be — in order — posing at different steps of the flaps-down process. Neat!
    How cool to be able to capture them so well too.

    My second WW effort

  8. Raven

    Wow… a whole flock of butterflies… cool. I was reading the INTP exchange. Interesting. I’m an INFP. Don’t hear many people talk about Briggs-Meyers these days. I thought it was a fascinating test and of course it was nice to get some understanding into why I have always felt different… and it’s nice to have an explanation for some of my flaws…. “Oh, well, that’s because I’m an INFP…” Happy WW.

  9. Julie

    I have to admit, it’s been years (like close to 10) since we were tested for Myers-Briggs. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a long-running joke between my husband and myself 😉

    I do, however, have a cool book on MB typing your children and, guess what? My son is in INTP just like his father. My daughter is still pretty young at 2 to be definitive type, but I think she’s going to be enough different from Matt & I both to throw us for a loop!

    Thanks for visiting!

  10. Stephanie, Mama Dramatist

    Whoa!! How’d you catch that shot??!! VERY well done!!

    Happy WW!!

  11. CatSynth

    Very nice.

    I have gone to see the monarch butterflies many times here in California. They often collect in groups like that in the morning or when it’s cold – is this a morning shot?

  12. Julie

    It was morning, but by no means early morning (after 10). Water is a big draw for the butterflies out here because there just isn’t much. I know it’s hard to tell from this picture, but it was a small impression with some mud in it–so the butterflies gathered to take a drink!

  13. Aisling

    I love the butterfly photo. I have never been able to snap a photo of more than one at a time, and even that is difficult, so I am suitably impressed!

    Glad I stopped by.

  14. Hatchet

    Did you create a mud puddle for them in your yard? I keep thinking about it, but have so much going on that taking time for mud puddle making is currently beyond me.

    The other interesting thing is that they aren’t just drinking, but also getting lots of minerals from the muddy water. Looks like the big ones are all tiger swallowtails, yes? I haven’t seen a Monarch yet this year.