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Crunchy? Yes, right down to my socks!

After blathering on about how great my Nellie’s Dryer Balls are, Matt alerted me to one drawback to our ban on Bounce: crunchy socks. OK, it’s not just socks. Underwear too. And my PJ pants, and some of our newer jeans…It seems that the chemical softeners in Bounce and the like just can’t be replaced by a pair of little knobby balls (which, by the way, Gabriel calls “meatballs” even though he’s never seen or tasted a meatball in his life!).

Oh yeah, it all softens up once you’ve put it on and worn it for an hour or two, but when I signed up to be crunchy, I never thought my socks would be too…

5 Responses to Crunchy? Yes, right down to my socks!

  1. Peg

    Oh great. Now you tell me after I’ve bought our own set of blue “meatballs!” ; )
    Actually, I am still using a bit of Downey in the wash because I like the smell, and I like that the balls do seem to reduce the drying time some. So, it’s still a good thing, plus – I haven’t noticed anything crunchy about our laundry … yet.

    By-the-way… great family photo on your previous blog entry.

  2. Nicole

    I love your title!

    Huh. I’ve never had crunchy clothes unless I air-dried them. Is your drier drying them all the way? Weird!

  3. Crunchy Domestic Goddess

    we don’t use any kind of fabric softener or drier sheets and i haven’t experienced crunchy clothes either. hope u find a solution. 🙂

  4. Corrina

    You could IRON the clothes, dork. And yes, before you ask, my mom ironed our socks and underwear, towels, you name it, since we didn’t have a dryer.

    So, other than the socks, do you like the balls?? I’ve got three dryer sheets left; I’m at a serious domestic crossroads, here!

  5. Julie

    I do like the balls, and things aren’t that crunchy. I mean, it’s not like wearing cardboard, it’s just like things take a little bit to soften up after you put them on. And, in case anyone out there was wondering, ironing anything that is not for a fancy dress-up party is entirely out of the question. On my mother’s orders, I intentionally never learned to iron properly so that I wouldn’t get roped into ironing Matt’s dress clothes and I’m pretty sure if I started ironing our underwear, I’d be forced to admit that I’m not a complete dunce with the iron…