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Random thoughts and updates

Hello again! I feel like I’ve lived a year since I last posted and it’s only been about 2 days. All of our worldly possessions (and boy, are there a lot of those!) are now in the house in Lyons. Last night Mom, Gabriel, Lily, Matt & I slept here & Matt & I even got to try out our new soaking tub 🙂 It sure did feel good on the sore muscles…

Our move went really well and I want to summarize a few little highlights:

  • MAJOR props to Boulder Valley Transfer for doing such a wonderful job of moving our things. Not only did they transfer our entire apartment and 2 storage units in just over half the time they originally estimated, but they were polite and extremely careful with our belongings and our brand new house. The literally used large moving blankets and that weird mover saran-wrap stuff to wrap our furniture, protect our floors, and to pad our walls and stairways. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!
  • As expected, Gabriel is enamored with the view from his window (which looks out over the cul-de-sac, and, more importantly, the construction equipment). He sits there for minutes at a time recounting to me what each machine is doing (and yes, he knows the correct names for things like skid steers, bobcats, and backhoes).
  • All of our bedroom furniture, including my desk and our cedar chest, fit into the master bedroom with plenty of room to spare. We’re even talking about adding a reading chair & ottoman sometime down the road. Those of you familiar with our previous house, or with the bruises we always had from trying to squeeze past our giant footboard to get into bed, will appreciate how happy this makes us.
  • And, after all the fretting and threatening, our landscape plan was approved without a single question about the lack of sod in the front yard. They were more worried about our compost bins (I have been told I will have to remove them if anyone complains about the smell–I’ll submit my diatribe on that count later on when I’m not so tired) and Gabriel’s sand pit than they were that I conveniently ignored their requirement for 700 sq ft of sod in the front yard. Whew is all I can say on that one, because I was geared up for a fight and can direct the energy to opening all those boxes.

Now it just wouldn’t be realistic if everything went perfectly. A few interesting mishaps:

  • The light above our tub does not work. The switch is there, the light is there, but they ain’t talkin’.
  • The drywall guys covered over the phone jack in Matt’s office. Oh whoops. He was looking for an excuse to VOIP all the time anyway…
  • We numbered all of our boxes since it was so much easier than writing out contents in Sharpie on the side. We kept a really cool spreadsheet with what room the box should go to and what was inside it. Then Matt wiped his harddrive to install Ubuntu and didn’t back it up. So we have 200 boxes, and only know what’s inside half of them (we have up to box 104 on an old backup of the spreadsheet) 😉
  • Oh my God we have too much kitchen stuff. Our glassware alone is giving me fits. We spent 2 hours tonight organizing the kitchen and it’s better, but we’re going to need to put more kitchen cabinets in the sun room (something we’d already planned to do) sooner rather than later. Or downsize the barware. Nah!
  • The blind people (and yes, the pun is intended here) at Home Depot managed to screw up our order for window coverings. We picked up blinds for 2 windows in our house (luckily, for the master bedroom & bathroom) on Wednesday and were expecting the rest today. Unfortunately, they not only mixed up our order with someone else’s and got the blinds we wanted in someone else’s colors, but now the color we wanted is backordered, so we won’t get the rest of the blinds until the end of the month. Oh well.

And I have to rant for just a minute about small appliances too before I turn in. I am the proud owner of a new 11-cup (!!) KitchenAid food processor and a Food Saver vacuum sealer. I haven’t even used them yet, but I did manage to open them this evening as part of seeing if everything would fit in the kitchen. I discovered that not only do you need a multi-page instruction manual for the food processor, you actually need a 1-hour DVD. Wow. This must be some food processor. Does it do laundry in addition to chopping, slicing, and kneading????

In other fun news, Mom got sick of Lily’s mop of hair (I liked to call it the wispy look) and took the scissors to it (with my permission) this evening. She now has what Mom is calling a pixie cut and I consider to be a Dutch Girl/Page Boy cut. It’s definitely out of her face now, but I was awfully partial to the wispy look…I’ll post some pictures later if I get a chance, but now it’s time for bed!

4 Responses to Random thoughts and updates

  1. amygeekgrl

    so glad to hear the moving went so well and the movers did such a great job. 🙂 enjoy your soaking tub and all of your other cool new gadgets. we aren’t going to see you for weeks now with all of this fun stuff to play with, are we? ;oP

  2. Heather

    I’m glad the move went well, and you are getting settled. See, all those stresses of last week are melted away in your tub. 🙂

  3. Corrina

    First of all, congrats on the new digs. I can’t wait to see it! Secondly, getting rid of cool glassware that you only use once a year is illegal, as far as I know. Doesn’t the saying go “Practically useless but ridiculously cute barware makes the world go round”? Isn’t that it? Anyway, I am very envious of your new food processor. I’m sure you’re just looking for 11 cups worth of things to stuff into it!

    Love you!

  4. Nicole

    Yay!!! Congrats!