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Two months from today…

…we close on our house in Lyons!!! We had our pre-drywall meeting this morning and the builder has been very busy since we were up there last week. The gutters are going on today, they blew in the insulation yesterday, the electrical, HVAC and plumbing is all in, and they’re ready to dry-wall. We were so worried that they were going to tell us it would be October, so you can imagine our relief that we’ll be closing at the beginning of September.

In fact, they wanted to close September 7, but we’ll be on our way to Pennsylvania to celebrate my Grandmother’s 100th birthday, so we had to push it back to the 11th (which, interestingly, is Grammy’s birthday!). We took a slew of pictures today, which I’ll upload as soon as I get a chance…It’s all coming together!


I wrote this first part of this post immediately after returning from Lyons and I have to admit that nearly 12 hours later, the excitement has not dissipated much.  In fact, I found myself compelled to make a count-down chart similar to the ones I used to make in high-school and college to count down the days until we get to move in. I restrained myself, however. I think my adult self is just plain to superstitious to put something like that down on paper, but I’m betting that in my mind I’ll be counting down the weeks until we get to move.


For those of you who are wondering whether Gabriel’s mood has improved since my post about his acute feelings of neglect due to my busy schedule, the answer is no 😉 He’s still feeling fairly abused and unloved, but I’ve been able to distract him a good bit with Play dough and our water table (I’ve been outdoors potting up seedlings to transplant into the new garden).

He is, however, finding new ways of procrastinating in the evenings. His biggest trump card is “I have to go potty” since he knows how desperate I am to see him potty trained. Then he also decided after I read him Peter Rabbit that he, like Peter, needed chamomile tea before bedtime. Silly monkey. Last night it was a piece of cheese, so we’ll see what he demands tomorrow night…He certainly is creative.

2 Responses to Two months from today…

  1. Nicole

    YAY! What great news 🙂

  2. Corrina

    Congrats on the closing date!! Hopefully the time will fly….

    As for the procrastination card, last night, after lights out, Maeve told me she needed her diaper changed!! So, I got up and got out a fresh diaper. She said, “Turn light on?” When I told her I could easily change her diaper in the dark, she changed her mind and told me her diaper was “All clean!”