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Let it snow!

We’re in the midst of a real blizzard here in Colorado today and the worst is yet to come. The storm is currently centered on Durango, Colorado (about 5 hours south west of here), so we’re technically only seeing the edge of the storm and we’ve already gotten over a foot of snow in the past eight hours. It should continue to snow until noon tomorrow, so they’re predicting 18-24 inches and even more in the mountains. The governor has declared it a state of emergency because the plows can’t keep up with 1-2″ of snow per hour, so all public buildings are closed and the airport just closed this afternoon too. For up-to-date news, check out the local television station’s web site. I have been taking periodic pictures, but it’s now too dark and windy to see much. You can see from the progression, however, that it’s been a crazy day. As of 8:30pm this evening, we had between 22 and 24 inches of snow. It has drifted to depths much greater than that in some places and our sunken patio is basically burried, as is our “mound” garden in the front.
As you can imagine, Gabriel is beside himself with glee. I brought in a snowball for him, which he fashioned into a cookie and ate greedily, saying “Yum, I love Christmas cookies!” What a monkey. Looks like it will be a white Christmas for us!

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